Security Specialist, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Created 02/23/2021
Reference 11391490
Job type Full Time
Country United States
State Minnesota
City Minneapolis
Zip 55401
Salary $50,000 - $74,999
As the largest and most vibrant city in the state, Minneapolis depends on purposeful, dedicated and innovative employees. Minneapolis has a large variety of careers for people of all experiences and backgrounds who come together for a singular purpose-serving the residents, businesses and visitors of Minneapolis.

The Security Specialist will provide security systems monitoring and building patrol duties for the City's Security Operations Center, ensuring safety, security and rapid response for assistance and emergencies across the enterprise; provide quality customer service to building occupants and visitors.

Working hours/Shift work: The security operations center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This vacancy will fill the 3:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Saturday - Thursday shift.
Job Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Perform monitoring duties in the Security Operations Center for the City's building security systems, to include; access control, security alarm, security camera, building emergency systems and radio dispatch system.
  • Receive calls for assistance and incident reports from employees throughout the City, triage reports and dispatch security to respond or 911 to dispatch police accordingly.
  • Initiate City's emergency notification system to alert employees and guests of an active shooter or similar incident affecting facilities.
  • Administer incident management database program for receiving, tracking and managing safety, security and emergency incident reports.
  • Facilitate after-hours visitor access for parents/guardians visiting the Juvenile Services Center and access for deliveries to the building and dock area for outside agencies.
  • Accept, log, store and disperse lost and found items per City ordinance; act as contact for all lost and found requests from both employees and guests.
  • Issue photo/ID access cards for employees and contractors.
  • Participate as a team member of the Building Emergency Control team during actual emergencies and exercise training drills.
  • Perform routine building security patrols and respond to emergencies, disturbances and all other routine service calls.
  • Provide customer service-related support for visiting employees and guests of the building.

Working Conditions
Office and field settings
Required Qualifications:
Minimum Education:
High school diploma or equivalent.

Minimum Experience:
Three years of experience working with security systems (access control, security alarms, security cameras, building emergency systems, radio dispatch systems) and performing security patrol (managing crowd control and disruptive individuals).

Security Specialists must have or be able to obtain certification as a trained Emergency Medical
Responder (EMR).

In addition, Security Specialists must meet the following minimum training requirements mandated
by the state of Minnesota:
• Basic security techniques
• Course work on customer service (3 hrs. minimum)
• Use of force limitations
• Arrest powers limitations
• Building safety procedures
• Crowd control procedures (3 hrs. minimum)
• Knowledge of Minnesota private security laws
• Knowledge of effective two-way radio operations
• Diversity training
• Sexual harassment training
• CPR or first aid training
• General building orientation training
• Blood-borne pathogen training

An equivalent combination of education and experience closely related to the duties of the position MAY be considered.

Selection Process:
The selection process will consist of the following steps: a rating of relevant education and experience (100%). It is important that your application show all the relevant education and experience you possess. This information will be used to determine which candidates will proceed in the selection process. A submitted application is also used to verify the answers to any supplemental questions. Only those candidates who attain a passing score (70%) on each step in the selection process will be placed on the eligible list. The City of Minneapolis Human Resources Department reserves the right to limit the number in any phase of the selection process.

Interview Selection:
The hiring authority reserves the right to determine the maximum number of candidates to interview from the established eligible list. If the hiring authority decides to interview other than by exam score order, they may select additional people to interview based on a candidate's education or experience related to the field, work history, or skills uniquely related to the operational needs of the position.

Background Check:
The City has determined that a thorough Minneapolis Police Department criminal background check is necessary for positions with this job title. Applicants must sign an informed consent allowing the City to obtain their criminal history information in connection with the position sought. Applicants who do not sign the informed consent form will not be considered for the position.

Drug and Alcohol Testing:
All job applicants must pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test once a conditional offer of employment has been made. Applicants will be required to sign a notification and consent form prior to undergoing drug and alcohol testing. Applicants who do not consent to undergo drug and alcohol testing will not be required to do so and the City will withdraw the conditional job offer, resulting in the job applicant no longer being considered for the position.

Union Representation:
This position is represented by a collective bargaining agreement between the City of Minneapolis and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
District Council (AFSCME). For more information on the terms and conditions of this agreement please visit: AFSCME .

Eligible List:
The names of applicants who meet minimum qualification and who pass the screening process shall be placed on the eligible list for employment consideration. This list will be certified to the hiring manager who may use the list to fill a vacancy of the same job title. This eligible list will expire four months after it has been established.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to clearly speak, write and understand English.
  • Ability to accurately follow written and verbal instructions.
  • Capability of dealing with the public and other staff in courteous and tactful manner under stressful conditions.
  • First aide and blood borne spills training and ability to deal with medical situations as a first responder.
  • Knowledge of modern office computer word processing systems.
  • Good knowledge of fire codes and trespass ordinances and laws.
  • Good knowledge of monitoring systems, recording processes, and playback capabilities and procedures.
  • Good typing and data entry skills.
Employer City of Minneapolis

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